House of Future, a US-based footwear label, was founded in 2016 with the aim of thoughtfully contributing to the evolution of the sneaker industry.

 The label first launched with a curated line of sneakers that skewed heavily towards a minimalist aesthetic. Each piece was built as a modern staple to sit at the foundation of any wardrobe. With this initial core collection, House of Future wanted to make a once price restrictive aesthetic attainable to the discerning customer. 

House of Future also recognised that the vast majority of existing footwear brands had limited themselves to using traditional textiles like leathers, skins, and cotton weaves. In response, the label sought out new resources and introduced updated materials, pairing their recognisable silhouettes with modern textiles that were proven to perform better than their traditional counterparts. In each collection, microfibres are utilised in place of leathers and skins and coated Tyvek paper has replaced waxed canvas.

House of Future has committed itself to creating well-crafted, aesthetically elevated footwear at an attainable price point, while continuing to explore the growing capabilities of new materials

Late 2017 we paired up with House of Future Footwear to provide you with a premium minimalistic style sneaker to go with your Annex outfits. We are currently the exclusive stockist of House of Future footwear in Australia and proud of it. We  had a chat with House of Future CEO, Stuart Ahlum to get some insight into House of Future’s history and philosophy. 


When did House of Future start?

House of Future officially debuted in September 2016 with the launch of The Foundry Collection. The line was deliberately minimal and showcased two classic sneaker silhouettes. The inspiration, drawn from the raw elements of industrial manufacturing, was meant to shows the parallels between these fundamental building blocks and that of the brand. 


What is the Philosophy behind the House of Future?

House of Future’s philosophy is to design minimalist footwear that is at once sustainable and performance driven. The brand strives to be a responsible fashion label that elevates itself through premium product, deliberate design, and curated branding. 


Who are the designers?

No designers, rather, a team of curators. We’re a small, tight knit group that work together on each collection by looking at the entirety of footwear market — and, if I’m being honest, at our own wardrobe’s — and building a line of sneakers that addresses those needs and trends. Each collection often starts with the remark, “How great would it be if…” and then we go out to deliver an answer. 


Where do the designers source their inspiration?

The collections are inspired both by daily environment — urban centres and the sprawl of the surrounding landscapes — and the way that people interact therein.


What lies ahead for House of Future?

The team is looking hard at production — at ways to better utilise sustainable and technical materials, at which new silhouettes to include in future collections, at how to incorporate a women’s line, and at how to continue to improve our quality. We’re discovering that there are a lot to work with there. We’re also spending more time on partnering with other brands and getting involved with initiatives — both within the fashion industry as well as outside of it — that are in line with our own brand promise. 


What do you guys think of Australian fashion? How does it compare to LA style..  

…. I’m not entirely sure here. I don’t want to suppose to know either. What I’ve seen is that both share certain aesthetic elements. I think that a lot of it has to do with the proximity to the ocean, the influences from Asia, and a certain practicality that comes with warm weather and an active lifestyle.