The Lansdowne Hotel official re-opened on the 15th of this month boasting some major music acts. Local musicians including members of The Delta Riggs, Sticky Fingers The Preatures stood together for the reopening of the Lansdowne in a fight to reinvigorate Sydney night life and live music. The Chippendale venue owes its reincarnation to Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham of Mary’s in Newtown and The Unicorn of Paddington who have refreshed the Hotel as a music and creative arts space, enlisting artist Jess Cochrane to deck out chosen areas of the hotel with full creative freedom.

The reopening has been considered something of a godsend for local muso’s and live music lovers, offering a new place to go see upcoming and big name acts. Lockout laws and curfews have copped a lot of blame for the closure of music venues including the Lansdowne who faced an indefinite closure in late 2015.  The steady decline in Sydneys nightlife in the past 2 years has been greatly attributed to the lock-out laws that have been set in place, with homegrown bands such as Sticky Fingers openly professing their opinions that it will be the death of music based sub-culture, nightlife and music in Sydney and Australia.

The re-opening of this iconic music hot-spot a much needed reprieve for Sydney music lovers. It’s safe to say that big things are expected to come from this re-opening and Sydney muso’s are hopeful that this will be that start of much needed change in the Sydney live music scene in 2017.