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Its that time of year again where Bondi sees over a million visitors to celebrate the art of sculpting. This year is a special one, seeing the 21st anniversary of the iconic installation over Australia’s most famous 2 km's of coastline, this year featuring up to 100  one of a kind artworks. Sculpture by the Sea features artwork from creatives both of domestic and international origins showing a variety of unique installations.

This year see’s the return of artist James Dive, known for his piece ‘Hot with the Chance of a Late Storm’, better known a the melting Mr Whippy ice cream van featured in the 2006 Sculpture by the Sea. Dive comes back this year with ‘What a Tasty Looking Burger’, a supersized burger shaped lure. Born from the idea of what it would be like to live as a fish and what it would appear like if the tables were turned, Dive allows the audience to question humanity and how we perceive ourselves in relation to life, consumerism and our regard to other lifeforms.

With a huge variety on show for the 21st anniversary, it will be well worth a look in this weekend. Head over to Bondi beach for a look around the artworks and a quick swim at the beach and a burger at Bondi Tony’s.